Every Wednesday from 4 till 5 I take my two sons two gymnastics at Whaley Bridge.

It’s on their way home from school near Bakewell you see.

And while I’m waiting I read and / or write some of these blogs.

And every week I overhear (try as I might to ignore them) to the other parents conversations.

There’s a group of them that spend the entire session whinging.

About all sorts of stuff.

A major theme is their ‘lack of time’.

They’re currently talking about friends of theirs who regularly exercise.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if we had time for that?” one of them just said.

But earlier they were talking about all the different soaps and other programmes they watched.

A rough estimate gives at least 10 hours a week of time they’re watching tele.

Probably a lot more.

As always, we’re not ones to preach.

People can do what they like with their time.

It’s their life.

I know kids make it harder.

I have three.

And a 40 minute each way school run.

And the wife works in Manchester.

It’s a logistical nightmare sometimes.

But it’s interesting to see the stories they are telling themselves to justify their choices.

Not even realising that it actually is a choice.

They could be exercising right now.

My Step Daughter’s friend comes to this gymnastics.

Her mum normally goes for a run and leaves me or someone else as the ‘responsible adult’ in the building.

You want to exercise?

That’s cool.

Your choice my friend.

You’d rather do something else instead?

Also cool.

Tis your life mom ami!

But stop lying to yourself, yeah?

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Much love,

Jon ‘It’s Time’ Hall and Matt ‘Time waits for no man’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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