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Another of the things we did a bit differently on the coaching day this Monday was to have little books (or Ninja Planners) that people could she to make notes.


As we explained, if people were to get lots of great ideas but then forget them and not use them, that would be a waste of time.


The simple act of writing something down means it’s there to refer back to.


But it also helps it stick in the brain, even without referring back to it.


Remember revising for your exams as a teenager.


Writing stuff out endless times.


Worked, didn’t it?


When we just ‘think’ about stuff, it’s unusually just one of dozens of thoughts banging around our heads.


It doesn’t quite get the traction it needs.


It sounds daft, but we know a lot of people who’ve had great success by writing out how they intend to do things that coming day first thing.


Just sticking down something like the following on paper, makes it much more likely it will happen:


Have a good breakfast

Speak to Bob about him always offering me cake at work (more about this tomorrow) Go for a workout straight from work Drink 1 litre of workout while at work Stop at the shop on the way home and only pick up some healthy for tea (no sweets)


You get the idea.


Give it a go.


Takes seconds.


And will make it much more likely that you’ll do it.


What have you got to lose?



Much love,


Jon ‘Terrible Handwriting’ Hall and Matt ‘List Maker’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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