Some of you may have heard the expression WWJD before.

his abbreviation normally means “What would Jesus do? ” and it’s an expression used by some religious people to evaluate their current situation and potential behaviours and to try and act in line with what Jesus would do.

WWJD 2 -

WWJD is something that several years ago, I adapted and started using with many of my one-to-one personal training clients.

In this case I got it to stand for “What would Jon do?”

WWJD 4 -

I’ve often asked clients, when they face difficult choices related to the journey they are taking with me, to ask themselves “What would Jon do?.

When faced with different eating choices, when put in situations where they have choices to make, some of which will increase their health, fitness, improve their appearance and their happiness and other choices will take an opposite direction to ask themselves at this point “ What would Jon do?”.

WWJD 5 -

Now, I am not saying that I am perfect and I’ve made a lot of wrong decisions over the years.

But I do find that when I get clients and members to ask that question of themselves at crucial points, it helps focus their mind and make a good choice that would help them achieve what they would  want to achieve.

So next time you’re faced with such a choice or someone offers you something you know won’t help you in your journey of improving your health, fitness and appearance, then ask yourself “ What would Jon do?”.

WWJD 3 -

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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