One of the favourite songs of my two sons is ‘CopaCabana’ by Barry Manilow.


So much so that they often sing “His name was Daddy, he was a showgirl, with yellow feathers in his hair and a dress cut down to there” whilst pointing at me and laughing so hard they fall over.


In it Lola and Tony work at the CopaCabana bar as showgirl and bartender respectively.


And are deeply in love.


One day a customer called Rico ‘goes a bit too far’ with Lola.


Tony ‘sailed across the bar’.


‘Then the punches flew and chairs were smashed in two. There was blood and single gunshot, but just who shot who?’


30 years later Lola has a disco.


‘She sits there so refined and drinks herself half blind. She lost her youth and she lost her Tony. Now she’s lost her mind’





A lifetime of unhappiness the result of one fateful moment.


One big decision.




But it’s rarely like that in real life.


Those big moments that change things forever.


Our unhappiness is often the result of hundreds of small decisions adding up.


That one slice of cake / biscuit / glass / treat ‘won’t hurt’.


But they all add up.


Sacrificing sleep once to watch something on the tele box or scroll down your facebook feed a bit longer won’t make much difference.


But years of it does.


Choosing to do something else rather then spend time learning relaxation techniques one time won’t matter.


But if it never happens, it will.


One missed workout won’t change much.


But three a week over 30 years is 4,500 and and definitely will.


We’ve mentioned before that there’s never background music playing when those important decisions need to be made.


We probably don’t even think twice about them till after.


Only we can decide what we chose to see as important decisions.


Much love,


Jon ‘They were young and had each other’ Hall and Matt ‘Who could ask for more?’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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