We mentioned a couple of 70s sitcoms in our blog the other week on changing attitudes.


In some cases, what was seen as hilarious at the time (to most), is now seen as hugely racist and not remotely funny.


To most.


A lot of old comedy hasn’t aged well to be honest.


Even if the themes are still considered acceptable, comedy has changed somewhat in the intervening decades.


But, I tell you one 70s sitcom that’s still as funny now as it was then.


Fawlty Towers.


Still brilliant.


Although it covered subjects such as sexism, ageism and xenophobia…….


It was nearly always Basil and his ridiculousness we were laughing at.


If you’ve never seen Fawlty Towers, go check it out now.


In one, classic episode ‘The Germans’, a concussed Basil precedes to upset a group of perfectly pleasant German guests by repeatedly failing in his attempts to not mention the war.


After reducing one of the group to tears, one of the men implores Basil to cease his ridiculous behaviour.


“You started it” Basil replies.


“No we didn’t!”


“Yes you did, you invaded Poland!”


########### ##############


I’m sure we all remember the playground squabbles over “who started it.”


And they continue, in different ways, into adulthood.


As the actions of others can easily be seen as the reason behind things that happen to us.


And, sometimes, they are.


But, sometimes, we need to take responsibility.


Sometimes it’s only us that gets hurt.


When we have the ultimate say in what happens.


Sure friends, family members and colleagues may try and ‘flabotage’ you.


They may make things difficult by bringing cakes, biscuits, chocolates, etc to work or the house.


They may try and ply you with alcohol.


They may accuse you of “being boring.”


Or making them “feel bad”.


They may make it all much harder for you.


But, ultimately, you’re the one that gets hurt.


You have the final decision of whether you do something that takes your closer to your goal.


Or whether you do something that takes you away from it.


They may ‘start it’.


But you can always ‘finish it’.



Much love,


Jon ‘The Rat’ Hall and Matt ‘The Builders’ Nicholson


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Jon Hall
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