“You can just get a second job”

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Most FitPros won’t tell you this……………

But exercise is pretty rubbish for weight loss.

You can grind yourself into the ground for 45 minutes………..

And have only burned one chocolate bar more of energy than you would’ve done by sitting watching the tele.

It’s great for health, fitness, energy levels, mental health and much more (check myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting if you’d like to improve them whilst having support on the eating and other areas)………

But not so much for weight loss.

Personally I choose to not factor in any calories used from exercise.

And just aim to eat in a deficit.

Exercise can just get you there a little quicker.

————- I’d also tell you to avoid (or at least be wary of) FitPros that sell you their workouts on their magical ‘fat burning’ properties ———-

Exercising for weight loss is a bit like getting a second job………..

On a lot lower wage.

Sure, it’ll do something.

But if you could work more effectively and increase your income for the hours you’re already doing…………

That would be a no-brainer, surely.

Eating for weight loss CAN involve zero effort.

Minus effort potentially.

Actual physical effort that is.

Most of the challenge is our mental resistance.

Which is a different story.

Eating smaller portions is, of course, marginally less effort than eating bigger ones.

Making some tactical swaps to equally tasty but less energy dense foods can be little to no effort.

We can get a better ‘income’ for the “hours we’re already working”…………

Before we look at getting a “lower paid second job”.

Much love,

Jon ‘Best ice cream man they ever had at the Dovedale Stepping Stones van’ Hall and Matt ‘Hand’ Nicholson

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