We’ve mentioned before that we often get other FitPros picking out brains on BookFace.


And that, much like when we give people advice on weight loss, fitness, etc for free, they very rarely take it and use it.


It’s one of the reasons the deposit on the 20lbs challenge works so well – when people have ‘skin in the game’ they quite pissing about!


Someone was asking me the other day where we got clients from.


“Mostly referral systems and FaceBook ads” was my answer.


He then asked how much we spend on FaceBook ads.


It’s a lot!


“I can’t afford that” came his reply.


“You can’t afford to make more money?” was mine.


You see, we always get a positive Return On Investment on the ads.


The more we spend the more we make on them.


No brainer really!




It’s the same with people saying they don’t have time to exercise and eat healthily.


“You don’t have time to live longer?”


If you do three 45 minute workouts per week, that adds up to 117 hours per year.


About 2/3 of a week.


Do that for 30 years and it will have been 21 weeks.


I think it’s fairly safe to say that someone that exercises three times a week for 30 years will live 21 weeks longer than someone who doesn’t.


Healthy eating takes, at most, a few minutes longer than eating crap.


Probably adds up to another week or two over 30 years.


You get the point.


If you’re already doing it, then hopefully this confirms you’re making the right choice.


If you’re not, because you think you “don’t have the time”, then hopefully this will help you realise that’s a false economy.


And you’ll get cracking! 🙂


Much love,


Jon ‘Do you have the time to listen to me whine, about nothing and everything?” Hall and Matt “I am one of those melodramatic fools, neurotic to the bone, no doubt about it” Nicholson


P.S. Ten points for those middle names without googling


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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