I’ve already mentioned, I was on a course in Edinburgh t’other weekend.


One of the presenters said something that really rang true to me.


“If you’re shit a something, you won’t like it”


It’s true.


Many people when they first start with us have never enjoyed exercise.


Often because they think they’re not very good at it.


This sometimes begins in school P.E.


Where the goal is usually to beat the other kids.


And, when people regularly don’t ……..


They feel they’re not good at it…….


And they don’t enjoy it.


This is often compounded when they try gyms in adult life.


The 30 minute induction doesn’t really prepare them.


And they never really feel like they’re doing it properly.


And don’t enjoy it.


The powerful mindset shift that people make about exercise when they start with us is………


You can’t be shit at it!


It’s about doing what you can.


And slowly increasing that over time.


It’s why so much of our sessions are ‘for time’ rather than for reps.


If the entire group was, for example to do 50 of something………


Some people would do it quicker and have to wait.


And others would be slower and feel that they were holding people up.


And that they were shit at it.


If we all do something for, say a minute.


One member might do it continuously with a heavy weight for the 60 seconds.


Another member might do a couple of reps, rest for a few seconds, do another, rest again, do another and so on.


You can’t get it wrong.


You can’t fail.


You can’t be shit at it 🙂


And no one will ever make you feel like you are.


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Much love,


Jon ‘Rubbish at P.E.’ Hall and Matt ‘Shamone’ Nicholson




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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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