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Put your hand up if you’ve ever heard, or being told, any of the following:

“You can’t do that”

“It won’t work”

“It’s too much”

“You can’t say that”

“You won’t have time for that”

“It’s too expensive”

“People won’t pay that”

“That’s alright for ‘insert description of XYZ type of person’ but not for us’

“No one’s got time for that”

I assume we all have our hands up?

I know I do.

I’ve heard them all, many many times.

More often than not, about the business and what we do at RISE.

Said to me year after year after year.

As we’re doing those things.

And they’re working.

You might have heard it in relation to some work or business thing.

Maybe with regards to changes you want to make to your body, health and / or fitness?

It’s a common thing to be told by others that we “can’t do” things.

And there’s two important things we can understand in such situations.

Number 1:

What other people think you can or can’t do (or what can or can’t be done in general), is their thing.

Their beliefs.

Their view of the world.

It has absolutely nothing to do with us.

It’s theirs and theirs only.

The human brain is very good at looking for proof or our beliefs.

We all do it.

We all like to “be right”.

When we see something that challenges our beliefs, it’s tempting to dismiss it.

Maybe to ignore it.

Or to argue with it.

Perhaps to want it to change to conform with our world view.

We hate to be proven wrong.

If someone has a belief about what “we can and can’t do”…………..

And your actions and results disprove that…………

That’s a hard pill to swallow.

They don’t want you to fail, as such.

They just want themselves to be ‘right’.

What people say to us isn’t ‘done to us’.

It’s ‘done for them’.

When we’re tempted to ask “why are they doing this to me?”…………..

We might benefit more from asking “why are they doing this for themselves?”.

We’re more likely to find an answer there.

Number 2:

We can do most things.

But it’s fine to not be willing to.

I’m not going to sit here and give you a pep talk.

Tell you “You can do anything you set your mind to. You’re a tiger. Go get ’em champ”.

That’s not the way we roll.

And, let’s be honest, we can’t do “anything” we set out minds to.

No matter how hard I tried, I’m fairly sure I could never fly like Superman, like I dreamed of as a child.


We can probably do more than we’re telling ourselves we can.

As adults, we don’t spend all that much time thinking about the truly impossible stuff, do we?

We think more about the vaguely possible, but probably quite hard stuff, yeah?

Only we can ever know if we feel that it’s worth doing.

And to know that, we need two bits of information.

A – What really needs to be done to get what we want and how much time and effort (and, maybe, other resources like money, mental capacity and more) will it will take to achieve?

Not some half thought out “too much” or some best case scenario “eat like a nutritionist, train like an athlete” type approach – what will actually need to happen?


B – how much do we want it to happen?

Again, not vague “yeah, I do want that” thoughts, but getting deep on what’s truly important to us in our lives and how these things tie into that and us being the kind of person we want to be.

If it’s more effort than we’re willing to put in, that’s fine.

Could we instead explore what we are willing to do for a result somewhere between that ideal and what we’re getting now?

Either way, if you’re ever told some version of “you can’t do that”…………

You probably can.

That’s them defending their beliefs, not attacking you.

If what (genuinely) needs to be done to do that thing is more than you’re willing to do…………

Then that’s fine.

It’s your life.

But what could you do that you are willing to do that we take you in the direction you want to go in?

Much love,

Jon ‘While I’m at it, I’m going to cover tomorrow how to get people to stop telling you what you can and can’t do’ Hall

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