I mentioned in a blog the other week about seeing on Facebook what people are up to when they leave us.


Sometimes going on to great success, sometime bouncing from shiny new option to shiny new option.


There have been times as well, when we’ve seen confirmation or refutation (I had to google “opposite of confirmation”) of their reasons for leaving.


For nearly all, it shows what they told us was true.


Which you would expect.


Most people are generally honest.


More so with us then they might be with a gym as we’ve developed a different relationship with them.


They say they’re relocating and, lo and behold, they start checking in at locations in that new place.


They saw they’ve had a change at work and we see leaving do’s, “first day” posts, etc.


But, sadly, every now and again, Facebook shows that people have lied to us.


Which is kinda pointless, anyway as we don’t have a minimum term they are tied into.


So they don’t need to “get out of anything”.


They just click a couple of buttons on the site and their membership is cancelled.


There was one couple of years ago.


A guy who’d cancelled past the cut off point (the 20th, we only ask for 10 days notice) and payment had gone through for the next month.


He messages me and says he’s, unexpectedly, had to relocate to XYZ (which wasa loooonnnnngggg way away) and implores me to “do the right thing” and refund the month he “can’t use”.


Even though I was dubious, I refunded.


Cos I’m a nice guy, like 😉


I was proved correct when I saw him in the background training at another facility that had just opened up (shiny new object syndrome again).


Thing is though, I would have refunded if he’d told me the truth.


It wasn’t like he was half way into the new month and had been coming in – he’d only just missed the official cut off date.


I’m not an arse.


The other week he emails about starting back with us.


I explained that I knew he’d lied to me before and that, because of this, I didn’t want to take him on as a client again.


“You can’t stop me joining” he said, amongst other things, in his reply.


I explained that joining us isn’t the same as joining a gym.


What members essentially do when they join is take me and Matt (and Andy, Kristy, Bernie and Irvin) on as their coaches.


In a two way agreement.


And, just like a window cleaner doesn’t “have to” clean your windows or a driving instructor doesn’t “have to” take you for driving lessons…………


We don’t “have to” take any clients on that we don’t want to.


Every single one of our ninjas is with us because they want to be……….


And because we want them to be.


And that’s part of why the atmosphere and dynamic is so strong 🙂


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Much love,


Jon ‘Account’ Hall and Matt ‘Venture’ Nicholson




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