Over the last 15 years I reckon I’ve exercised in over 100 different gyms / facilities.


Some regularly.


Some as a one off when ‘out of town’.


Many of them have ‘motivational quotes’ on the walls.


Which is lovely.


In theory.


I do sometimes wonder how motivational most people find them.


There’s often a hint of condescension to them.


I sometimes look at them and feel that there’s something missing at the end.


“You just have to want it badly enough……. you f’ing loser”


“Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever……. you big quitter”


“Change happens outside of your comfort zone……. you comfort zone loving wuss”


And so on.


Same with a lot of these memes being shared on Facebook.


Seemingly shared by the sharer to make them feel superior to those reading them.


Maybe it’s just me (I don’t always want it badly enough, am not averse to quitting sometimes and quite like my comfort zone on occasion).


But, that’s why we don’t in for such phrases.


We’d rather provide an environment that encourages movement in a certain direction.


A supportive group dynamic.


Systems for support (myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting).


A little bit of helping people question habits, mindsets, self limiting beliefs, etc (what these blogs are, in part, for).


If you find motivational quotes motivate you……..


Long term, consistently, all the way to a lasting result…….


Then fair play.


Crack on!


But it’s not really for us!



Much love,


Jon ‘Can we get a definitive answer on whether it’s pronounced ‘meeeem’ or ‘mem’?’ Hall and Matt ‘Just share the GoT links with me – it’s all I want!’ Nicholson




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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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