I mentioned the other day I’d been helping my mum move house.

She’d agreed to pay the removal men ‘by the hour’.
And consequently, they were proper slow.
I’m pretty sure if it had been a set amount for the whole job, they’d have been done in half the time.
It’s worth remembering sometimes that we’re not being paid by the hour for most of the stuff we do.
You know – food prep, exercise, logistical stuff and so on.
So why take any longer over it than we need to.
A bit like the ‘PM Your Life’ post the other day, imagine that you’d been taken on to do all these jobs for someone else.
For a flat fee.
Not by the hour.
You had to provide them with 21 healthy meals per week.
And accompany them for 4 effective workouts.
Delivery off these ‘KPIs’ was important – not how long you spent on them.
And any extra time you took on them would take you away from something else you’d rather be doing.
You would, presumably, ‘Project Manage’ it in a way that minimised the time and effort.
Maybe batch cook several meals at a time.
Tupperware them up and pop them in the freezer.
Then remove them at the right time to be ready for when they were needed.
You’d probably take them to some sort of interval training based programme, we’re you were in and out in 45 minutes, rather than spend hours with them on a treadmill or cross-trainer.
And so on.
You get the idea.
You’re not getting paid by the hour for all these things you ‘need to do’.
So find away to do them as quickly as possible, while still getting them done properly.
And, if you’re not already with us, you can find out more about how we help our ninjas with this sort of stuff at tonight’s free briefing meeting for the ‘FREE 20lbs in 8 weeks weight loss challenge’ – check it out here.
Much love,
Jon ‘PPV’ Hall and Matt ‘POV’ Nicholson
You don’t get paid by the hour | Macclesfield Personal Trainer weight loss gym

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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