I mentioned in Monday’s blog how, when we’re not achieving the results we desire, we’re likely to say “I know what I need to do, I just need to do it”.

I’m sure we’ve all been there.

Many, many times.

And we do know what to do.

Again, it would be an insult to someone’s intelligence to suggest otherwise.


What often happens…………..

Is we end up making “what I could do”………..

Into a “need to do”.

Thousands of times over the years, when I’ve asked people what they’re intending to do differently…………..

There reply hasn’t really been an absolute “need”.

There are nearly always other ways.

“I need to stop drinking” could just as well be “I could drink less” and / or “adjust my calories for the rest of the day”.

Or it could be “start meditating”.

Or “workout when I’m feeling I need a ‘pick me up'”.

“I need to stop snacking” could be “I could snack less”.

Or “I could change my snacks to something less calorie dense”

Or “I could fill up on something less calorie dense at meal time so I feel the need to snack less”.

Or “I could get less high calorie, hyper palatable snacks in when I do the weekly shop”.

“I need to eat less” could be “I’ll use a smaller plate”.

Or “I’ll only eat off a plate”.

Or “I’ll have the main portion then wait 10 minutes to see if I still want more”.

Or “I’ll portion up the right amount and pop the rest in the fridge instead of leaving more out on the table”.

Whatever the situation, the “what” that we’re telling ourselves that we “need to do” probably isn’t “needed”.

It’s one possible method.

There’ll be others.

And some might be easier and more likely to happen.

And it might be, again, that we need to think a bit more “up stream”.

Don’t just wait until it’s time to ‘do or not’.

Do the things that make that more (or less) likely – clicking this link and applying to the programme will make it waaaayyyyyy more likely that you’ll achieve your goals (and there’s a money back guarantee to give you confidence) –> www.myrise.co.uk/apply .

Much love,

Jon ‘Dough’ Hall

P.S. Tomorrow I’m going to talk about the fundamental approach to doing stuff that we all do that makes it all harder than it has to be.


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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