Probably a day doesn’t go by without someone asking us for advice on Facebook.


Other FitPros wanting to become more successful.


Old friends and randoms asking for a bit of advice on losing weight, toning up, etc.


With the latter an oft asked question is “Could you set me a programme?”.


You know – something they can do themselves.


And our answer is usually the same.


“You don’t need a programme”.


Any programme we could prescribe someone over the internet, without a series of assessments, would be pretty generic.


They could get something similar for free with a quick google.


And they probably have in the past.


But it’s not worked for them.


So, what they need isn’t another programme.


It’s to address why it didn’t work.


Was it mindset?


Did they just not give it enough time?


We’re they not training hard enough?


If not, why?


Was their eating not supporting the programme?


Was their sleep, stress levels, etc not backing their other efforts up?


And so on.


That’s why what we do at RISE covers all these areas.


It’s all as ‘done for you’ as possible.


All people have to do is F.T.D.I. – Follow The Damn Instructions.


What we do in a workout is great and works really well.


But you can find similar stuff for free on YouTube.


People don’t need more programmes.


They don’t need the latest fad class.


They need something they can do for the rest of their lives.


And if they can’t / don’t, they need to look at why.



Much love,


Jon ‘Anti-Kilo’ Hall and Matt ‘Versus-lbs’ Nicholson

You don’t need a programme | Macclesfield Personal Trainer weight loss advice

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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