You don’t need C onwards

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I was driving my middle son to his football the other day.

He (and son #1) have half the week with us and half with their mum.

But their schools and most of their activities are over that way (Bakewell).

And some football matches are another 20 or 30 minutes further on.

Lots of country lanes and different routes dependant on where we’re going.

He asked why I didn’t have Sat Nav on that week.

“We’ve done this route enough times now that I know it” I explained.

To be honest, I probably hadn’t needed Sat Nav for a number of weeks

But it’s a bit of a habit, isn’t it?

Especially when you have kids that regularly ask “Are we nearly there yet?” (or some variation).

I explained that, when I were a lad, we didn’t have Sat Navs.

And that before a new journey, Nannie and Grandad would consult an A-Z and make notes on the route.

You know “7 miles down the A22 and then take the B1708, signposted for RandomTown”.

I had to explain what an A-Z was.

Which got me thinking about the name.

And how, we never really did the whole A-Z, did we?

All the way from one end to the other.

From as far in one direction as possible to the other end.

Most of the time it was an A-B.

Or maybe F at most.

And that’s the same in most areas of life.

If A is the shape we’re in now and Z is professional athlete, we probably don’t need that all.

And concentrating purely on that ‘Z’ can be demotivating.

We just need to go from A to B for now.

Then maybe onto C.

Or a fresh A onwards to a new B.

A-Z can seem too much and be off-putting.

Where ever we are right now, let’s just plan a route to the next letter?

Much love,

Jon ‘CBA’ Hall

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