Have you ever thought to yourself “I just need to focus more”?

I’m pretty confident we all have at times.

It’s not true though.

You’re already focusing plenty.

We’re focusing all the time.

Maybe just not on the things that serve us best though.

We don’t need to create extra focus.

Just move our existing focus elsewhere.

Focus less on the easy distractions of social media, Netflix and the like.

Focus instead on the initially more challenging…….

But considerable more rewarding activities.

Exercise, learning new skills, doing something with that thing you’ve been putting on the back burner for ages, planning and journaling to create direction for, and enthusiasm around, your life and so on.

There’s no right or wrong on what we focus with.

But when we tell ourselves that we need more focus, we get stuck.

We have that focus already.

We can just choose to direct it elsewhere.

Much love,

Jon ‘Ford’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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