Imagine that you miss a workout.


Your friend says to you “Jesus, you are useless. Can’t you stick to anything?”


You cave in at work and have that biscuit.


Your colleague says “Pathetic. Can’t you keep your mouth shut for 5 minutes?”


You have a bad weekend and your other half says “You might as well write it off. You’ve always been fat and you always will be!”


Would you stand for any of that?


Hopefully not.


But we often talk to ourselves in similar ways, don’t we?


We say things about ourselves in our heads that we wouldn’t dream of saying to anyone else.


That we wouldn’t tolerate if someone said it to us.


Many people in our industry think people who don’t get results………..


Aren’t getting them………..


Because they’re not hard enough on themselves.


When, in reality, they are often the people who are hardest on themselves.


And, the fact that being hard on themselves rarely leads to them doing the things they know they need to………..


Suggests it’s not the best way to approach it, no?


Achieving results in any area of life is rarely about working harder.


You think Richard Branson, Bill Gates et al built their success and fortunes on doing more hours than anyone else?


Sure, they’ll have worked hard.


But you can’t physically do a thousand times more hours than someone working a full time, but low paying job, can you?


They worked smarter.


And working smarter is where success comes in the olde health / fitness / weight loss game.


Unless beating yourself up works for you, then it’s probably a good idea to stop that.


Implement systems into your life so it, kinda, just happens.


Shopping online rather than tempting yourself with the aisles of shite at the supermarket.


Batch cooking meals in advance rather than trying to find time at the points in your day when you never will.


Getting help from a professional with a great track record (cough –


Become part of a group of like minded individuals whose collective enthusiasm and motivation will drag you through the harder parts (cough, cough –


You get the idea……..


Beating yourself up hasn’t worked so far.


It won’t now.


Work smarter, not harder.



Much love,



Jon ‘Sounds like my mamma is starting at RISE’ Hall and Matt ‘Mamma Mia’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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