You learn from your mistakes (Stuff we tell our kids but then don’t do ourselves)

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Those of you that have had children will probably have found yourselves saying the things that your parents used to say to you.


If you’ve not had kids, I’m sure you’ll know the kinda thing I’m talking about.


Little lessons that we want them to learn.


Things we believe.


But that we don’t always act on ourselves.


Our ego might frame it a different way to protect us…….


But that’s what it boils down to ultimately.


And we find ourselves doing the whole “Do as I say, not as I do”.


Over the course of this week, I’m going to cover 5 such sayings that you’ll probably recognise.


And ask the question if we’re doing the same in our lives.


And, hopefully, help make it so we do, at least a little bit more.


The first one is “You learn from your mistakes”.


We do sometimes, sure.


But sometimes we keep making the same mistake over and over and over again.


We miss a planned workout for a reason that’s happened many times before?


Have we really learned?


We set out to make one food choice and make another one that we then regret time and time again?


What was the lesson there?


If we’re not living it, we’ve not learned it.


Or, something doesn’t go to plan……..


And we just don’t put ourselves in that position again.


We overdo it in a workout and feel it ‘too much’ the next day…….


Then don’t workout for months or years.


Or we make some attempts to change our eating……..


Find it all too much……..


And immediately go back to the way we ate before because we’ve practiced ourselves good at that already.


Mistakes can be considered as opportunities.


We can choose to see them as ways to learn how to do better next time.


It’s what we’d tell our kids after all.



Much love,


Jon ‘Direct’ Hall

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