Those of us that have us as Facebook friends will notice we post ‘thought provoking’ things on there from time to time.


Some are exactly what we believe.


Some aren’t.


Designed to instigate a bit of conversation and debate, they are.


We had one a couple of months ago.


About ‘being lazy’.


One person commented “You might love doing burpees and eating broccoli, but some of us aren’t so lucky”.


Not the case, of course.


But people often assume it is.


That people who eat healthily and exercise regularly “love it”.


It’s true that we, and our ninjas, try to make the exercise and healthy eating as enjoyable as possible………


And enjoy some aspects of it……….


But none of us do it for fun.


It’s a means to an end.


If we could be in the shape and the health we’d all like to be by not working out and by eating cake and ice cream all day?


We’d love that!!!!!


People who are in shape are often those that have accepted that what needs to be done, needs to be done.


That it’s worth it for the benefits.


That they often won’t “feel like it”.


But they should still do it.


And that they will need to do it FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES!


So, next time you don’t feel like it……..


Do it anyway!


Next time you think you’re not the type of person who enjoys working out and eating healthily……..


Think again!


Next time you think that people who regularly workout and eat healthily are “different” to you…….


Think again!


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Much love,


Jon ‘Man I could go for an ice-cream right now’ Hall and Matt ‘Lovely bit of cake’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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