You’d just change the wheel, wouldn’t you? [World Cup semi flat tyre]

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I presume we’re all, at the very least, aware that the England men’s football team played in a major championship final for the first time in 55 years the other week.

TimeHop that day showed me that it was exactly three years, to the day, since we reached the semi final of the World Cup.

We showed that match on the big screen down at RISE.

Had maybe 30 odd of us there, watching together.

Within 2m of each other, I should imagine.

That’s how we rolled back then.

I can’t remember why, but my Step Daughter Izzie wasn’t with her Dad as she normally is on a Wednesday.

And my wife Alex was at work (she used to leave the house to work in the “old days”).

So Izzie, Charlie and I went over to Bakewell after school to get Oli and Jamie from after their school club.

We’d have got back to Macc for about 5.30 and it was a 7pm Kick Off if I remember correctly.

Slight problem though.

Heading along the A6 between Bakewell and Buxton and we get a flat tyre.

That car doesn’t have a spare.

So we ring The AA.

Guy arrives about half five or so.

Clearly wanting to get done and home for the England game.

I’ve never seen someone work so fast.

Phone cradled between his ear and shoulder, talking to the guys at Selecta-Tyre in Buxton, whilst checking our tyre then loading us onto his flat bed.

We get to Selecta-Tyre minutes before they are due to close at 6.

And are done and out by 6.

Guys are like a pit crew replacing the tyre whilst another guy takes my payment and gives me a receipt.

Genuinely all done in under 5 minutes.

They were keen to get home too.

We got home, picked Alex up, had a quick bite to eat and were in RISE by five to seven.

All good!

You know what we didn’t do, though?

Take a baseball bat to the car to ‘write it off’.

Or wander off, leaving the car, and give up on driving completely.

Or maybe “leave it for a while” and “start again when things are less busy”.

Or not bothering to reach out to The AA – the people we’ve paid money to to help us in such situations.

But we do the equivalent with our health and fitness sometimes, don’t we?

We miss a workout and that becomes several (or more).

Decide after we’ve eaten a few more calories than we might, ideally, have liked that it makes sense to ‘write it off’ and eat a load more in response.

Or we go all non responsive and do the equivalent of hiding in our room from the people that we’ve paid to help us with this exact thing (cough ** us ** cough).

Things get in the way.

Life rarely runs smoothly.

We can use that as a reason to make things worse still.

Or we can just choose to make the ‘next logical decision’ and, at worst, just get to our desired location a little bit late.

Much love,

Jon ‘Barnes’ Hall

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