We’ve mentioned before that we often get fellow FitPros messaging us asking for advice.


Which is cool.


Shows they think we must be doing something well.


I was chatting to an old acquaintance from Sheffield the other day.


He’s just got into Personal Training.


And was lamenting the fact that he’s not even covering the rent at the gym he works at.


“It’s not fair” he said “I’m better than the other trainers but they have more clients”


“You’re not better then them” I explained.


“Your income is a product of how many people you help and how good you are at helping them. Your bank account doesn’t lie mate”


Although our income is fairly average by normal standards, it’s pretty good for the fitness industry – where the average PT would earn more flipping burgers in McDonald’s.


No joke!


And we’ve been doing this for 13 and 10 years respectively – in an industry where the average ‘career’ lasts 18 months.


So we must be doing something right.




Your body doesn’t lie either.


It’s the product of the food and drink you’ve consumed.


And the exercise you’ve done.


Stress and sleep too.


So, if you’re body isn’t how you’d like it to be, it’s a reflection of the choices you’ve made and the things you’ve done.


In the same way that a PT with only 3 clients isn’t doing the right things, no matter what he things.


When you realise that, it’s empowering.


My old acquaintance messaged me a few days later to tell me he’d realised I was right.


That the things he’d put off doing (CPD courses, learning about mindset, motivation, etc, learning how to market yourself and so on) because they were out of his comfort zone, were, of course, the things he needed to do to become successful.


When one accepts that their body isn’t how they’d like because they’ve put off doing things that they find uncomfortable, that’s Step 1.


The challenging of their the mindsets, habits, thought processes, etc.


The learning new ways to relax other than alcohol.


The putting in place of systems to help with sleep.


The learning / re-learning to cook.


The sacrificing of things like ‘TV Time’ to make time for exercise, food prep, etc.


And so on.


So, remember, your body ‘doesn’t lie’.


If it’s not how you’d like it, there’s something that needs doing.


Not sure what it is?


Hit reply and we can work it out between us 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘Father, I cannot tell a lie’ Hall and Matt ‘He did it’ Nicholson


P.S. 10 points for those middle names 🙂

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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