So yesterday I talked about the real ‘why’ behind what you’re wanting to do.


You can read it here if you missed it.


Or listen to it here.


And you can listen to today’s email here.




Hope you actually took a couple of minutes to do it.


And came up with something pretty deep.


Your real ‘why’.


Now all you have to do is look at the ‘whys’ behind the things you do / are tempted to do that take you away from that.


All I ask is that each time you are faced with that decision you just take 5 seconds to compare the whys.


And I bet my house, it’s an easy decision.


So, if you want to eat that certain food, what is the ‘why’ behind that?


“I’m hungry?”


“I’m feeling down and it’ll make me feel better for 3 minutes?”


“It’s easier than getting something else in?”


“It’ll stop so-and-so peer pressuring me and they’ll leave me alone?”




“I don’t want to die alone”


Or if, you don’t fancy doing some exercise, it might be the why of:


“I’ll be cold for the 27 seconds I’ll be outside at each end?”


“I don’t feel like it?”


“I’ve had a hard day?”




“I’m too self-conscious to get naked infront of my partner / go in swim wear on the beach”.



Do we have a deal?


Every time you’re faced with such a decision (it will be dozens of times a day), will you take 5 seconds to compare the ‘whys’ of the different choices?


Much love,


Jon ‘It’s ok – Alex paid for the house and I’m her low rent lodger, for now’ Hall and Matt ‘Thinking about moving house’ Nicholson


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