I’ve mentioned many times before that people’s go to reason for not doing the things that they set out to do is being “too busy”.

And I get this.

I really do.

I know you’re busy.

We all are.

But from my experience when we’re “too busy”, we’ve decided we’re “too busy” for a very set version of what we feel we “should do”………..

And then don’t do a lesser version of that.

When I speak to someone who’s on our programme who hasn’t done anything at all in a number of weeks…………..

I genuinely can’t believe they didn’t have a single minute across the 50,000 or so minutes that have passed.

They were not “too busy” to do something that took a minute…………

They didn’t see the value of doing something that took a minute.

We’re never too busy to do a 5-minute body weight workout…………

We just don’t see the value in doing a 5-minute body weight workout.

We’re never too busy to watch a few videos and read a few blogs to start to change our mindset and the way we approach this……….

We just don’t see the value in watching a few videos and reading a few blogs.

And that’s where I come in.

I’ll help you question that.

I’ll help you realise the value of a knowingly suboptimal approach that still takes you in the right direction………..

Over the theoretically better way of doing it that we don’t do because we’re “too busy”.

A 5-minute bodyweight workout will have physical benefit in and of itself……….

And it will make more exercise that week (and the next) more likely than no work out at all would do.

Working through the 2 to 3 minute bite-size chunks on our Learn tab will help people get clear on their biggest wins, their highest return on investment activities and the relatively easy adjustments they could make.

The return on investment from changing the way we see and approach things is massive and can last for the rest of our lives.

Making a different food choice can take zero time and having a smaller portion size can only ever take the same time or less.

But when we tell ourselves that healthy eating has to look a very specific way that we feel we’re “too busy” for………….

And don’t do this…………

Then we’re doing ourselves a massive disservice.

Ultimately, it’s worth remembering that we may be “too busy” for one very specific version of what we feel we “should do”.

But we are never ever ever “too busy” to do some knowingly suboptimal version that will take us in the right direction (becoming ok with this and actually making forward progress from this is a massive difference maker for people who get results from our programme having not with what they’ve tried before. If you’re ready for that, apply now at www.myrise.co.uk/apply) .

We’re just not currently seeing the value of making those decisions.

But those decisions are all that ever exist.

Choosing to do something that takes you marginally the right direction right now is all you’ll ever have.

And hopefully this blog has helped you see the value of that.

Much love,

Jon ‘doing nothing, working the whole day through’ Hall


RISE in Macclesfield was established in 2012 and specialise in Group Personal Training weight loss programmes for those that don’t like the gym and find diets boring and restrictive!

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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