Do you like being told “You’re wrong”?

I’m pretty confident you replied with “No”.

Or stronger.

I don’t think anyone does, do they?

Leaving aside the massive value in finding out if you actually have been wrong (continuing to be wrong being the only alternative)………….

We know that no one likes to hear it.

Myself included.

Just ask my wife 😉

That’s why we’ll never say it.

We might ask questions that lead you to answers that serve you better.

But not tell you you are / were wrong.

But, do you know one way that we’re probably all guilty of telling others that they’re wrong?

Dismissing their reasons for their feelings.

Telling them “I wouldn’t worry about that”.

Or “It’ll be fine”.

To “Cheer up”.

It’s “Not that bad”.

Maybe that “Everyone has to deal with that”.

Or “That’s life”.

We get it.

Life can be hard at times.

It can be hard all the time.

We can look together at how to approach it and how to perceive things that might help somewhat (cough ** here –> ** cough).

But it’s ok to struggle.

It’s fine to find things hard.



It’s absolutely fine to feel however you feel.

You’re not wrong!

Much love,

Jon ‘Two rights don’t make a wrong apparently’ Hall


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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