I was chatting to Fliss, one of our ninjas, the other day.


Her and her boyfriend Liam (also a ninja) are off work this week.


She was expressing surprise that he had suggested the following plans for their week off:


“We can do the 6.30am session, go for breakfast, then we’ve got the whole day to do stuff” he’d said.


“You guys have changed him Jon” she said to me, with a smile on her face.


Apparently in the past his weeks of consisted of lying in as long as possible.


Followed by not doing a great deal.


Followed by the pub.


And repeat.


Hearing stuff like that makes us happy.


That’s what we aim for at RISE.


Helping people change their habits and lifestyle so that what they need to do just becomes their new way of life.


And is something they enjoy.


Not that constant slog of ‘making yourself do it’.




I remember coming back to my hometown after my first term at Uni.


“You’ve changed” said some of my friends who hadn’t left.


“Good” I thought.


That was kind of the point.


When we want to change, it’s normally for the better, isn’t it?


I’ve never heard anyone explain their plans to change for the worse.


So someone saying “You’ve changed” is surely a good thing.


It means it’s working.


I’m sure many of you will have heard that comment at some point.


Maybe when you say no to that cake / biscuit / beer / cigarette.


People often say it in the hope you’ll feel that’s a bad thing.


And want to prove them wrong by saying yes.


Like you used to.


It’ll make them feel better about them not saying no, you see.


Remember ‘Failure is best endured shared’.


So, remember, if you do hear it, it’s really a compliment.


Give them a smile and a “Thankyou”.


And carry on.


Jon ‘Up The Kyber’ Hall and Matt ‘Ooh Matron’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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