Member journeys

Helen Farmer, 35, from Macclesfield talks about losing 40lbs, what really changed after two months to make that happen and the impact on anxiety levels and more

Holli Ward - Holli, 29 from Macclesfield, talks about being a ‘big girl’, gaining weight in 2020 and losing 50lbs since February this year!

Emma Newton - Hear about Emma's journey of amazing progress and a few setbacks across 2020 into 2021 after years of yo-yoing between sizes 10 and 20 (and how this is a permanent change now and why she has the best birthday ever)

Jen Harden - hear about Ninja Coach Jen's journey from member to coach and mother of two since we've known

Andy Morant - Andy, 40, from Macclesfield talks about his challenges with anxiety and depression and how this last couple of years have been his best.

Claire Warrington - Ninja Coach and mother of two (and lots of other things) Claire tells us about her experiences as a member and a coach - the good and the bad!

Chris Morgan - Chris, 46, from Macclesfield talks about having to 'extreme shield' in Lockdown 1, gaining weight and struggling at the time and what then happened after

Al McCall - Al, 39 year old father of two from Macclesfield, discusses he went from more overweight than he could've imagined to "the muscliest person ever at RISE" in 2020!

Kim Acton - Kim, 57 from Macclesfield tells us about doing stuff she never thought she would after joining (and becoming the first ever Golden Panther)

Steve Farden - 36 year old Civil Engineer, husband and father from Macclesfield talks weight gain and loss, what happened to him in 2020, Top Gun and more!

Phil and Angela - An active couple's journey

Jon Hall - Find our more about RISE's Chief Ninja and his past and present

Mark Bowers - Mark, 46, joined us at the start of 2020 and his best year ever whilst most had their worst

Jamie Sinclair - Self confessed Americana fan Jamie talks about his journey and challenges along the way

Faye Ronan - Ninja Coach Faye tells us about her remarkable change over the last five years

Janet Dean - Janet talks about her past, the changes since joining RISE and dealing with bereavement at the same time

Lee Shore - 40 year old father of four and business owner Lee joined us at 22 stone having struggled with his weight for years having "tried everything" and "got to the point where I thought this is it"