Have you heard that we only use 10% of our brain?


Or that playing Mozart to babies is good for their development due to the structure matching our brains’ structure?


Both fairly well known.


Both completely disproved.


The 10% originally comes from a couple of Harvard psychologists who proclaimed most people only reach “a fraction of their mental potential”.


The number 10 was slowly added in over ensuing decades and made popular in the 1936 book “How to win friends and influence people”.


It’s now said in a way that means that 90% of the human brain doesn’t do anything.


Which, from an evolutionary perspective, makes no sense.


Our progressively bigger heads (and related child birth complications) wouldn’t have happened unless it benefited us as a species.


And the Mozart thing is equally true of all music played to children.


And, you could suggest, that the average parent who plays Mozart to their child, is also more likely to do the other hundreds of things that influence said child’s developmental potential.


But, both of them, just sound kinda ‘right’ don’t they?


They seem to “make sense” in some way.


Society still buys into these concepts on some intuitive level.


Like some others.


Like “Fat makes you fat”


Or “Back pain is bad”


Sure, dietary fat can contribute towards weight gain.


And, with it being over twice as calorie dense as protein and carbs, it can be easy to ‘over eat’ on.


But, ultimately, there is nothing fundamentally fattening about eating fat.


And the body needs certain fats to function effectively.


So fat isn’t “bad”.


If all else remains equal, you can lose fat but cutting fat, carbs or protein.


Or a mixture.


But ‘all else’ rarely remains equal outside of controlled experiments.


A balanced diet, as we always say, works best, long term, for most people, in our opinion and experience.


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And working, fatiguing and strengthening the muscles in the back (and neck) is just as valid as doing the same to any other muscles.


And people often feel a lot of exercises more in the back and neck to start with as they may have previously avoided such things.


Meaning that, as everything else gets stronger, the back and neck end up as the weaker area things are felt in more.


Sure, things that actually damage the back are to be avoided.


But things that make it stronger?


To be encouraged generally.


Remember, just because something seems to “make sense”……..


Doesn’t’ automatically mean it’s right!



Much love,


Jon ‘10% Brain’ Hall and Matt ‘Wolfgang’ Nicholson




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