Imagine you get given a car wash loyalty card.


Two of them in fact.


With one you are given an empty card and need eight stamps to fill it and get a free wash.


With the other you need ten stamps, but they give you your first two then and there.


Same amount of effort needed in each case – eight additional washes.




You’re nearly twice as likely to complete the second card as you are the first (34% versus 19%).


People are much more likely to complete a journey that they feel they are already on that one that haven’t yet started.


Even if, potentially, the second journey is a longer one.


So, the key is to realise that, wherever you are, you have started your journey.


You have, at least, those two stamps.


Even if you’re just reading these blogs, you’ve take step one – is your ‘third stamp’ BTW 😉


If you’ve started with us………..


If you’re part way towards your goal………


If you’ve ‘slipped’ backwards but are still ahead of where you once were……..


Wherever you are………


You’re at least a stamp or two down!


Just figure out how to get your next stamp.


And go do it.


And you will get there, one stamp at a time 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘General Zod’ Hall and Matt ‘Bernadette Bassinger’ Nicholson


P.S. Two bonus ninja points for those middle names – without Googling 😉




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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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