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Yesterday I talked about self awareness.

About challenging our beliefs.

And I left you with the almighty cliff hanger that I would continue talking about that today.

I presume you’ve all been unable to sleep, so I will proceed quickly.

I mentioned that they are three ways we can change our beliefs.

And I’ve already given you the acronym in the bracketed part of this blog title.


A standing for Authority.

We can change our opinion on something because of the words or actions of someone we hold as an authority.

Someone we feel has an “extensive or specialized knowledge about a subject; an expert”.

That could be us.

Or a teacher, doctor or policeman.

Maybe a politician (maybe not).

Someone who’s opinion and thoughts we value.

The I is for Intensity.

An intense emotional experience that can change beliefs quickly or instantly.

We get nipped by a dog and instantly and forever believe that going near a dog isn’t a good idea.

We have that ‘rock bottom’ moment where the way we see things changes in an instant.

Both these are perfectly valid methods of changing our beliefs.

But ones we, perhaps, have a bit less control over.

R is where it’s at for most of our changes.


Challenging our thoughts, beliefs, habits and actions.

Over and over and over again.

Over week, months, years, a lifetime.

Trying on for size new ways of looking at things.

Questioning those stories that run though our head in an attempt to provide structure and a narrative to our experiences.

After nearly 20 years in this game, that’s where I nearly always find the biggest long term changes come from.

We can force ourselves to act differently for a while.

But it rarely lasts.

Challenging and changing the way we think and see things.

Time and time again.

Repetition after repetition.

That’s where the real change lies!

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Much love,

Jon ‘Jordan’ Hall

P.S. Before my wife replies and thinks I’ve gone for her suggestion of taking her maiden name, that’s a play on ‘Air Jordan’ trainers.


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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