30 Things you may not know about Matt

1: My middle name in Francis after my late Grandfather
2: I used to be an online gaming geek. When I was about 12-15 I used to play internet based games for up to 8 hours a day and about 16 hours at a weekend. I Know!!!
3: I first when to the gym when I was 15 years old (after I stopped being a hardcore gamer and realised I am actually good at sports)

4: I was born in Wales and lived there until I was 3!
5: I support Manchester city – I am not a massive football fan but I do support them.
6: Boxing is my favourite sport, I watch it every week and know a lot about modern boxing.
7: I did box when I was about 17 for a few months but didn’t like getting punched in the face. I also started cage fighting when I was about 22 for a year or so as this involved less of getting punched in the face and more technical stuff. I had to give it up due to work commitments.
8: I have a 5 year old black Labrador called Milo- he is mint!
9: My favourite food is chinese food.
10: I became a Qualified Personal Trainer at 19 for the University of Derby where I worked at for 3 years. I lost my job there due to a fund cut so myself and 5 of my work colleges all had to find a new path!
11: After The Uni cut there funding I got a job in a Care home for disadvantaged children where I worked for 3 years upto Team leader. (Good times but hard times)
12: I went back into the fitness industry at 24 at DW sports in Macclesfield.
13: I hate spiders!
14: If I could be an animal I would be a dog
15: If I could live anywhere is the world is would be a nice suburb of America,
16: I have a beautiful girlfriend called Emma, we have been together for nearly 4 years.
17: My cardio fitness will never be elite due to a quite a bad heart murmur I have had since I was born. I will never be Mo Farrah!
18: I lose my Dad suddenly in June 2009 but he taught me everything he knew and made me the man I am today.
19: I have a Sister called Gemma who works for HSBC
20: I have a mother called Gillian who works for M & S
21: I have been on stage in Amsterdam…..(I will tell you the story if you ask 😉
22: I worked in America for 3 months in 2006 doing Camp America (best 3 months of my life)
23: I set up my own business when I was 17 selling my Dad’s old pub memorabilia on eBay. I now own 50% of a company that I set up with my cousin will where we still sell electricals on eBay and have over 20,000 feedback.
24: I was in the last 30 of big brother audition 2012. (shhh)
25: My cousin Will recorded Lucy Spraggan’s album in his front room which went to number 2 on itunes.
26: I suck at cooking
27: I have a very good long term memory I can tell stories from when I was 2-3 years old like it was yesterday.
28: When I was 14 I ran the 100m in 11.8 seconds, I never did anything with it though
29: I believe in aliens
30: I try and do the best I can in everything I do (except cooking) I believe you get back what you put in and people believe in you in you believe in yourself.

Much love.

Matthew Nicholson.

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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