In a study of British drivers, over 95% rated themselves as ‘above average’.


By definition, impossible of course.


Most people think they’ll live longer than average too.


Over confidence in our own abilities is a natural thing.


In some areas of life, at least.


It’s perfectly normal for people to just think that if they ‘try harder’ at something they’ll get there.


Losing weight and getting fit for example.


Even though they may have ‘tried harder’ and it not worked out dozens of times, or more in the past.


Just ‘trying harder’ rarely works, long term.


If it would, why didn’t it before.


We generally have an amount of ‘effort’ we can maintain long term


So to get results, it’s not about increasing that effort.


It’s about changing the results that effort produces.


Moving the pivot.


As Archimedes said “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world”.


Putting systems in place is the equivalent to moving that pivot.


Making it so that “thing just, kinda, happen that way”.


Scheduling a weekly online food shopping after a nice meal.


Maybe Sunday night?


Miles better than going to the supermarket when you’re hungry.


Getting other people to make some of your choices for you, maybe?


Booking your workouts in your diary, planning your meals and so on.


And you do the same for them.


Having someone to be accountable to if you don’t attend a planned workout (us, for example –


Implementing things like a water round or ‘Chicken Wednesday’ at work rather than just trying not to get involved in the daily coffee-and-cake-a-thon.


You get the idea.


If ‘trying harder’ hasn’t worked before…….


It probably won’t next time.


Work smarter, not harder 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘For those asking, Baby Hall is ‘due’ this Sunday’ Hall and Matt ‘Above average car buyer and seller’ Nicholson


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Jon Hall

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