I had a conversation recently with a couple of members that I thought worth sharing the gist of with you.


They hadn’t been getting the results they’d like.


Because, ultimately, they hadn’t been doing what they wanted to do.


Too much ‘extra’ stuff.


Cake, chocolate, biscuits, etc.


On top of any otherwise good diet.


They were expressing that they felt they ‘should’ be able to eat that way and get results.


Because they could in the past.


Or because their friend can.


So, I gave them 3 options.


A) The extra cake, chocolate, etc


B) The body / energy / feeling you want


C) Some fictional combination of A and B you’re hoping will happen even though it hasn’t the other times you’ve tried it?


In each case, you could see the penny drop.


Continuing to hanker after a fictional Option C that won’t happen is pointless.


It would be nice if we could have it.


But if it regularly hasn’t worked before, there’s no reason it will in the future.


This doesn’t mean we can never have cake, biscuits, chocolate, etc.


It’s more about questioning the continuing hope that an approach that hasn’t worked will suddenly start working.


Whatever A and B are, we need to pick one or the other.


Option C doesn’t exist.


Pining after it won’t make it happen.


There will be a combination that will get you there.


A new Option B.


Still having food you enjoy.


Just maybe less often in some cases.


Or making some adjustments elsewhere.


So the overall impact is positive.



Much love,


Jon ‘The Lexicon Of Love’ Hall and Matt ‘Beauty Stab’ Nicholson


P.S. Tricky middle names though – 3 points for correctly guessing 🙂




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