Some of you may have watched The World’s Strongest Man over Christmas and New Year.


Don’t worry if you didn’t, the point is still relevant.


Used to love it as a kid.


Until Geoff Capes slapped me.




But that’s a different story.


My boys love it now.


And were keen to watch England’s Mark Felix and Eddie Hall in the finals.

‘Uncle Eddie’ as the boys call him, did a great job, coming in 4th, with a big gap between him and 5th.


A few days later I noticed a post from Eddie on his Facebook fan page.


Showing how much he eats (a lot).


Some guy came on and said something along the lines of “You don’t need to eat that much. You can get stronger while in a calorie deficit. A positive nitrogen balance is more important. All that food will just make you fat.”


Understandably hundreds and hundreds of people replied to the post………..


Pointing out that Eddie may know what he’s talking about.


After all he is Britain’s Strongest Man.


The 4th strongest man on the planet.


He’s deadlifted more than anyone.




######## BTW – before anyone points it out, we know you can get stronger whilst losing body fat. But Eddie was clearly talking about what he (and every other strongman ever) had done to get to that level ###########


As some people pointed out from his profile picture, the guy who’d made the original comment was hardly in shape.


Yet another armchair pundit in an Internet full of them.


It never ceases to amaze us how willing people are to argue on topics they know little about.


People are, of course, entitled to their opinions.


But these opinions are very rarely particularly informed.


We wouldn’t dream of arguing with you about what you do at work.


What you’ve devoted your adult life to mastering.


But every day we get responses to these blogs questioning what we say.


We’ll get responses to this too.


From smart arse guys (always guys) pointing out how they went from a 2 kilo lateral raise to a 3 kilo one……..


Whilst losing half a pound of body fat.


Even though we’ve made that point above.


We’ll get people telling us how unprofessional it is to use the word ‘arse’ too.


And people we don’t know demanding that we spend time providing them with ‘references’.


There’s a great site called


Check that out, it’s quite funny.


And that’s just got us a few more responses and unsubscribes 😉




Back on topic.


We’re not saying we know it all.


Far from it.


But we do like to think that what we’re saying comes from a fairly informed position.


That you won’t go too far wrong listening to it.


Want to understand why a bit more?


That’s cool, ask away 🙂


But always remember that the body responds only to the actual ‘doing’.


That’s the key!



Much love,


Jon ‘I saw Capes a few years ago and was planning my revenge until I realised he’s now an old man who needs a double knee replacement’ Hall and Matt ‘Got my first comp in a fortnight – exciting times!’ Nicholson


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