The Monday session at RISE this month involves deadlifting (amongst some other exercises).

If you don’t know, a deadlift is basically picking a weight up from the floor and putting it back down.

It’s an exercise that people often underestimate how heavy that they can lift.

It’s very full body and uses a lot of muscles.

In the 7am Session yesterday one of the members, Dan, had a go at a weight that’d been left out by another member, Andrew.

110 kilos it was.

He did a couple of reps and then went back to the 60 kilos he’d been using before.

“That feels really easy now” he said.

And I told him the story about the children’s book “A squash and a squeeze”.

Where a lady lives in a house that she considered to be really small.

And man advises her to move in a number of different animals over time.

Making it feel progressively more ‘cramped’.

And, then when she removes them one by one, the house suddenly seems massive.

Because a lot of these things are relative.

When our context / comparison frame changes, our perception of them can.

We challenge ourselves with a heavier weight or harder version of an exercise and realise what we thought was hard enough before probably wasn’t.

We stop comparing where we are now versus where we’d ideally like to be and compare against where we were tomorrow and we build confidence and momentum over disappointment and frustration.

We reframe challenges as being ‘on the way’ rather than ‘in the way’.

We look at how people we consider to be similar to us have worked past the same kind of challenges we face rather than wishing we didn’t have the challenges.

Reframe looking after our energy and mood from being a cost of time and money to being the best investment we can ever make in ourselves (cough **** **** cough).

Change how we frame things and it often becomes a different ball game.

Much love,

Jon ‘Take out that pig’ Hall


RISE in Macclesfield was established in 2012 and specialise in Group Personal Training weight loss programmes for those that don’t like the gym and find diets boring and restrictive!

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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