The other day I mentioned about people adding lean muscle.


And how hard it is and how, women particularly, aren’t going to gain more than they’re OK with overnight.


One of our ninjas was telling me the other day that a trainer where she had previously gone had been telling her about the benefits of adding lean mass.


How that extra muscle would make her a “fat burning machine”.


It’s one of the many things that you hear that has an element of truth.


But is, perhaps, exaggerated to a point where it’s not helpful.


You may have heard of your basal metabolic rate (BMR).


It’s how much energy your body needs each day just to stay alive.


Before you add on energy requirements for doing stuff.


The different parts of your body have different energy requirements.


You internal organs use, on average, 24.4 cals per lb of your body weight.


Ie: You weigh 100 lbs, your organs use 244 calories per day.


Bone uses 1 calorie per lbs.


Fat 2.


Muscle 6.


So if you lost 30lbs of fat and gained 5lbs of lean mass, your BMR would drop by 30 calories a day.


You’d have to gain something like 30 to 50lbs of muscle to cover a slice of cake a day.


I assume most people reading this don’t want to gain 30 to 50 pounds of muscle 😉


50lbs of muscle for a slice of cake.


Impossible for women (without loads of drugs) and incredibly hard and would take many years for men.


Doesn’t mean resistance training isn’t hugely beneficial in many ways (check if you want some of dem benefits!).


Just helping you realise this concept of ‘becoming a fat burning machine’ isn’t particularly accurate or helpful 🙂



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