I’m sure you’ve all heard the fable of the Pied Piper of Hamlin.


He was recruited by the people of a town called Hamlin to rid them of their rats.


By luring them away with his music.


The towns people the reneged on their prearranged deal to pay him.


So he lures away the children the same way.


Slightly psychotic I’ll readily admit.


But, even as a young child, I remember thinking it was the people of Hamlin’s fault.


There was an agreed price, which they refused to pay.


Their choices led to those consequences.


Stupid people!


In life everything has a price.


It might be financial.


It might be time.


It might be effort.


It might be mental energy.


But everything has a price.


And that price needs to be paid to get the result at the end.


We all have to pay the piper in every decision we ever make.


Despite what many FitPros claim, there is a price to what we recommend.


It does, of course, take some time and effort.


And it does take some money.


The FitPros who say eating healthily doesn’t cost any more are usually just recommending a switch from white bread to brown.


And I never see any success stories from those dudes.


Ultimately it comes down to whether you think that price is worth it.


If someone chooses to eat crap and spend the money saved elsewhere, that’s cool.


That’s their choice.


If they’d rather spend their time on other stuff, who are we to tell them that’s wrong?


But the money, time, effort, mental energy, etc are all there.


If we chose to allocate them.


There is a price to pay to getting shape.


We’ll freely admit it.


But, after helping hundreds and hundreds of people completely transforms their lives and bodies…….


Do you know how many of them have regretted paying that price?




###### They all clicked this link to get started BTW 😉 – myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting ########



Much love,


Jon ‘Pie Eyed Piper’ Hall and Matt ‘Rowdy Roddy’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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