“Shoulda, woulda, coulda – the last words of a fool”


Sang Beverley Knight


Shoulda particularly is one that limits us all.


We all like to think we should be able to ……


“I should be able to eat what I like and lose weight if I’m exercising regularly”


“My friend eats XYZ and is slim, so I should be able to as well”


“I should be able to have the ‘odd’ treat and it not make a difference”


“It shouldn’t be this hard to lose weight”


“The kids should be able to control their behaviour better by now” (or is this one just me?).


And so on……


The thing is…..


Some people can.


Some people seem to be able to eat less well and stay in good shape (externally at least).


Some people’s kids seem a lot better behaved than mine.


That’s life unfortunately.


Holding onto the idea that we should be able to do / have something when years or decades of experience show we can’t…….


Is madness, surely?


Unfortunately my kids aren’t able to control their behaviour particularly well yet.


So we need to stick with what we’re doing until they can.


No point getting upset by it.


Unless you’re currently in great shape and eat anything, I’d suggest that you can’t get there doing what you’re doing.


No point getting upset by it.


Remember, “Shoulda, woulda, coulda – the last words of a fool”



Much love,


Jon ‘I pity da fool’ Hall and Matt ‘I ain’t gettin on no plank sucker’ Nicholson


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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