I’m sure we’ve all done it.
Not being feeling good.
And worried about getting it checked out……….
In case it’s something bad.
This, of course, makes no sense.
We know it doesn’t.
If it is bad news, it will be bad news eventually either way.
And the sooner it’s checked out the more likely they are to be able to do something about it.
It’s a bit like when people avoid some of the things we recommend.
Like tracking their food for three days using the My Fitness Pal app.
Or keeping a 15 minute log of their time for a week (literally writing down every 15 minutes what they’ve been doing).
It’s partly avoided because it’s a bit of a pain to do.
But only a bit.
15 minutes of effort over 3 days for MFP.
Maybe an hour or so over a week for the 15 minute log.
Its is, I believe, often avoided, because people are worried it’ll be bad news.
That it will show that the reason they’re not losing weight……….
Is they’re eating too much.
The reason that they “don’t have time”……….
Is they’re not using their time wisely.
I’ve genuinely never had a single person who’s tried either / or of the tracking or the 15 minute log……….
Who didn’t think it was worthwhile.
Not a single one of them regretted doing it.
Every single one got some insight as to where they can make adjustments with their eating and / or time management………
To improve their results.
Hopefully, if i hadn’t before, I’ve persuaded you.
Go download MFP from your App Store.
Or grab a bit of paper and a pen.
And let me know how you get on?
Much love,
Jon ‘Who’ and Matt ‘Fox’ Nicholson
P.S. One point for those middle names 🙂




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