Too little water will dehydrate you.
Too much and you’ll drown.
And I don’t think anyone really needs to worry too much about having so much water that they’d drown.
They’d realise long, long before that became an issue that there was more than enough water.
Maybe as it passed their ankles 😉
It’s similar with the many seemingly well meant ‘warnings’ that people give our members on their journey of transformation.
“Be careful you don’t get too skinny. It’s bad for you” after someone’s lost, maybe half the weight they want to lose.
Or “Don’t lose too much weight. You’ll waste away”
“You don’t want to look like a bodybuilder” to someone who’s started looking a bit more toned.
Or “Be careful drinking too much water. I heard it can be bad for you” after someone’s gone from 10 cuppas a day to three and a few glasses of water.
Like in any of those cases, they wouldn’t notice when they’d “gone far enough”.
They’d go to bed one day and wake up the next suffering from brittle bones, their periods had stopped and you could see their ribs.
Or go to brush your teeth one morning and find Arnie in his mid 70s prime staring back at you.
Muscle particularly, is incredibly hard to gain.
For men, but especially for women.
Gaining a pound or two of lean mass when someone first starts training doesn’t mean they’ll soon look like Mr Universe.
Unless they’re injecting anabolic steroids and growth hormone daily.
Which they’re probably not 😉
So getting the body you want is simple.
Lose weight and / or build lean muscle at a rate you’re happy with (check if you’ve been struggling with that so far and want to kick some ass on it come the New Year).
Then, when you’ve got to the point you’re happy with, shift to maintaining that.
Simples 🙂
Much love,
Jon ‘Drowning Pool’ Hall and Matt ‘Puddle of Mud’ Nicholson




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Jon Hall

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