So, it’s bin day for me today.


Every Wednesday, alternating between a grey one (recycling) and a green one (garden waste) one week and black (everything else) the next.


Last week I came up with what I thought was a nice little solution to a problem I’d had.


Till the wife ruined it and told me she’d always done it this way and would be surprised if anyone didn’t.


## If anyone’s interested in the follow up from Monday’s blog, the appendix removal didn’t go according to plan as it’s too ‘stuck’ to the other organs. So she’s had two more days of an antibiotic drip, is out today with two more weeks of oral antibiotics, then try again in 3-6 months 🙁 ##


You see I often stick the bin out as I’m leaving on a Wednesday night.


And am, often, in a bit of a rush.


Several times I’ve ended up banging a thumb or something as I hurriedly pull the necessary bin(s) out from behind the other one(s).


Which is rather infuriating.


Even when it goes well, it’s still a pain getting the bin(s) out.


It came to me in a flash of inspiration the other day.


When putting the bin back on a Wednesday evening………


When I have more time……….


Pull the half full one(s) to the front and put the empty one(s) behind.


So I’m only ever moving an empty bin round a half full one.


Rather than a full one round a half full one.


Genius, heh?


Apparently really obvious.


Oh well!


We all do this from time to time.


Make things harder for ourselves by doing things a ‘non optimum’ way.


Just because that’s the way we’ve always done it.


It can easily be the way we approach our food prep.


Meal planning, online shopping and a mixture of batch cooking, easy meals when rushed and so on……….


Can mean healthier eating can actually be less effort than what we’ve done before.


Spending an hour in the supermarket, being tempted by rubbish.


Popping out every lunch time to get something from the canteen / coffee shop.


Swinging by the take out on the way home.


As with the bin situation, the key is to put the effort in ahead of time.


Wait till the last possible moment and it’s invariably harder.


And as I’m sure you’ll know, we’re not about just “working harder”………


When you can ‘make it easier’!



Much love,


Jon ‘Laden’ Hall and Matt ‘Dusty’ Nicholson


P.S. Well easy middle names – just the one point for guessing them 🙂


P.P.S. As always, check if you like the sound of working smarter, not just harder. But, remember, you (or a friend) have only got 6 days till the next intake and you’d have to leave it another month.




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