Many of you will know I’m getting married two weeks on Friday.


My Best Men are my two sons, aged 6 and 4.


And this weekend is the Stag Do.


And they’re coming to most of it, bless them.


The pre-stag actually started this morning when I picked them up from their Mum’s.


I have them for this bit of the half term holiday.


And I’ve got a few things planned for the next few days around work.


I had the idea of getting them some ‘Stag Do’ T-Shirts.


By the time this goes out (I wrote this yesterday) I’m sure I will have uploaded a photo of them to Facey – feel free to add me if you haven’t already:


Anyway, because I hadn’t got organised in time I had to have them made in town yesterday.


So, I went into town to see the T-Shirt man at the market.


Then had to go to Matalan to get some shirts as he didn’t have the right sizes in.


Then back to the market to drop them off.


Then back again later to pick them up.


Good hour plus wasted.


And it cost about twice as much as if I’d done it on the internet.


It’s a bit like eating healthily.


If you wait till the last possible minute, it’s always more expensive and harder work.


Going and getting a proper meal will always take longer and cost more than some rubbish from the canteen / vending machine / garage / shop.


So you’ll either waste time and money ……


Or go for the less good option.


Plan ahead and you save time and money.


And it’s easier to make the better choices.


Order food online when you have time.


Batch cook a few meals when you have time.


Have stuff ready so when it comes to meal time, it’s there.


Much easier than going somewhere else for something.


When I see stuff reduced as it’s approaching it’s sell by date I go nuts.


Buy it all and freeze.


Must save me hundreds a year.


You get the idea.


Don’t leave stuff till the last minute!



Much love,


Jon ‘Slightly concerned about what the Assistant Best Man has planned for Saturday night’ Hall and Matt ‘Jon’s youngest calls me ‘Trouble’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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