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You may or may not know that we run different sessions at the RISE in Macclesfield on each day of the week.


Ie: Monday’s sessions are different to Tuesday’s, which are different to Wednesday’s, etc.


And the session progresses through the month.


As members get fitter stronger and faster.


## Which is one of the reasons everyone starts at the same time, having visited us in Macclesfield for our regular¬†find-out-more meetings¬†– anywhere that lets you start whenever you like clearly has no progressive structure built into their programming. If they even have programming that is. It’s often just random workout after random workout ##


RISE in Macclesfield Personal Training Sessions


Monday’s session this month is called ‘The Lego AMRAP’


AMRAP stands for ‘As Many Reps or Rounds As Possible’


Basically you have a time limit and do a combination of exercises as many times as you can in that time.


Then try and increase that number week on week.


For this session this month I raided my middle son’s Lego.


Lego Gym - Enjoying Exercise


Each time someone completed a round they grabbed a bit of Lego from the boxes in the middle and added it to their base.


By the end of the workout we had a number of creative assemblies.


And people had enjoyed the process of building something – taking their mind of the exercise.


As we were leaving one of the sessions one of the members commented that she’d done AMRAPs at another facility.


But they kept score with “chalk marks on the floor”.


“Or, sometimes, blood”.


Which I thought said it all about the differences in our approaches versus a lot of places.


The Difference Between RISE and Gyms


Nothing wrong with chalk and blood if that’s your cup of tea.


It’s just not particularly ours.


We know that exercise has to be enjoyable for it to last.


And that one of the major reasons the majority of the population doesn’t exercise regularly and consistently long term is because they don’t enjoy it.


A work out that is theoretically optimum, but that you hate doing, is never going to be the answer.


A workout that is pretty damn effective…………


But, arguably not optimum……….


But that you enjoy…………


Hopefully can be the answer.


## As always, you, or a friend, can check out our no-pressure briefing meetings if you like the sound of that ##


Much love,


Jon ‘Hell’ Hall and Matt ‘Mary’ Nicholson


P.S. Fairly easy middle names – one bonus ninja point for getting them right.


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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