Over the last few days I’ve covered a few considerations from the family and I missing our flights last Friday.

In several conversations with friends, family, and other people this week many people have expressed variations of the following;

“Aren’t you p*ssed off about this?”

“I’d be way more angry if that happened to me”

“We’d have all been having a go at each other if that happened to us”

And, obviously, we’re not happy it happened.

We’ve wasted the cost of six additional flights and a one hour Uber.

But, as I’ve replied to people “I’m choosing not to be angry”.

Because how we feel is more of a choice than we often tell ourselves.

We have more control over our state than we know.

We often have a choice.

Be in “a right state”.

Or be in “the right state”.

A subtle one word change, but a world of difference.

Our state, how we’re feeling, can be directed by three different considerations;

– Focus

– Language

– Physiology

We immediately, and since, chose to focus on the fact that we were all safe and well.

And on taking the next best steps for that next best solution.

Focusing on who was to blame and the problem itself wouldn’t help.

That’s what we were talking about.

A solution-based conversation rather than a problem-based one.

There was no hunchig over, head in hands.

Head up, shoulders back, moving.

So next time you find yourself being drawn into “a right state”………

Look at your focus, language and physiology………

And how you can change them to get yourself in “the right state”.

Much love,



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