I was taking my step daughter to school the other day.

She was faffing about a bit with getting her seatbelt clipped in.

When she finally managed I said “Clunk, clip, every trip”.

Anyone who’s old enough to remember the mid 80s will know that.

From the public service announcement on the TV about wearing your seatbelt.

Worked didn’t it?

Relatively few people wore their seat belts (particularly for shorter trips) back then.

After the campaign, and still now, everyone does.

Don’t even think about it now, do we?

Same as every habit change ever, it took a bit of adjustment.

People found it hard to start with.

A conscious effort to do it.

Plenty of resistance from people who didn’t want to do it.

But, once the habits had changed?

Don’t even think about it.

Just something you do.

Same with healthy eating.

It’s not really any harder than unhealthy eating.

If so, only a fraction.

No less fun.

Not ‘restrictive’.

These are just things we tell ourselves (and each other) to avoid the pain of the process of change.

You may still genuinely believe healthy eating is time consuming, restive and boring.

But, after 14 years in this industry, and watching thousands make those changes……..


I can assure you that, once you’ve made the change………
You won’t feel that way.

Sure, that process of changing habits, takes time and effort.

And it’s not always easy.

We know, we’ve all been through it ourselves.

Still working on it with some habits.

We’re no angels or monks, remember?


But it’s infinitely easier to do once a habit is established.


So, that’s what you need to do…….


Work on your habits.


If you need help with that…….


Hit us up if you’re already a member.


myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting if you’re not.



Much love,


Jon ‘Back In The Habit’ Hall and Matt ‘Whoppi Goldberg’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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