It’s 1493.


It’s not, obviously.


Just what people write to make you imagine it’s that year, innit?


You’re Christopher Columbus.


## See above ##


You see some mermaids from your boat.


You write in the ship’s journal “They are not as beautiful as they are painted”


And tell everyone about it when you get home.


Turns out they were Manatees.


You know, “sea cows”


Seems a bit daft that a smart dude like that would make such a schoolboy error.


Thing is though, he was just going off the info and accepted wisdom of the time.


People didn’t know about Manatees.


And people, apparently, thought mermaids were real.


History is filled with countless examples of super smart people saying and doing things which, in this day and age, sound a bit daft.


But, at the time, seemed perfectly valid.


It’s the same with the government’s nutritional guidelines.


Super smart people have been utterly convinced of things which have since been completely disproved.


Because they were going off the information of the time.


Just as the government’s nutritional guidelines changed drastically in the 70s to be all about low calorie and low fat………


They are changing now.


And in 20 years time will probably look very different.


Whilst dietary fat and calories are factors………


Most experts are no in agreement that weight loss and gain is ‘multi-factorial’.


That each person’s weight loss / gain story is different.


That there are many factors in play – in differing amounts in different people.


So, if people insist that the answer to your losing weight is eating less calories and / or fat………


Without asking any further questions………


They are a bit like Colombus and his mermaids.


Going off outdated information.


The key to unlocking lasting change……..


Is working out  the factors that are in play in your case.


And how you can change them (here’s a Step 1 if you haven’t take it already –>



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Jon ‘Santa María’ Hall and Matt ‘Pinta’ Nicholson



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