So, as I mentioned in Friday’s blog, next Monday will mark my 1,000th blog.


And also, by happy coincidence, 15 years to the day since I started working in the fitness industry.


At Fitness First Derby if you’re interested.


The next 6 blogs are all going to show some parallels between writing 1,000 blogs and the journey you may be on.


They’ll all be worth reading, promise 🙂


I was just going to do one blog for the occasion, but kept getting more and more ideas for it.


And reckon you’ll get more from them being separate.


So, here’s the first:


The compound effect


One side effect of being relatively successful in an industry where the average FitPro earns less than minimum wage for the hours they do and leave the industry after 18 months………


Is we get a lot of our FitPro chums asking us questions.


One thing they ask about is blogging.


And whether it’s worth it.


Many of them give it a go.


And then stop when they haven’t gained a dozen new members or had a significant improvement on retention by blog number three.


Reasoning that “blogging doesn’t work”.


Which is much like someone stopping exercise after three workouts……….


Or healthy eating after three good meals……….


Because they haven’t lost two stone.


Each individual blog doesn’t do a great deal.


Just like each individual workout or meal doesn’t.


But they all add up.


While blogging is only one small part of what we do……….


Only 48% of people who go on to become members do so from the initial info they receive after entering their email on our site.


Meaning we’d have had 52% less members over the last 5 years if we didn’t do this.


Or, in other words, we’d be long since bankrupt.


And the psychological changes that take place in our ninjas don’t happen from just the welcome pack and induction process.


They are affected, bit by bit, by hundreds of blogs, videos, podcasts, conversations and so on.


It’s that cumulative effect.


Each one building on the last.


Creating a huge, overall compound effect.


Just like with your workouts and eating.


Stick with it (it’s the find-out-more meeting about what we do tomorrow night. So, if you, or a friend, find the ‘sticking to it bit’ difficult, come check it out –>


It won’t happen after three.


Depending on how far you feel you need to go, it might not happen after 50 or a 100 or more


But it will happen.


If you don’t stop.


Promise 🙂



Much love,
Jon ‘Comeuro’ Hall and Matt ‘Comkilo’ Nicholson




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Jon Hall

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