Several weeks ago we did a blog on one of our ninjas, Debbie.


She had an impending fitness test for her work (the police).


And, as part of that, she had to get her BMI under 30.


For the previous year or so, progress being somewhat slower than she wanted.



She’d being losing weight, but not as quickly as she’d like.


Then with the focus of the impending test……..


She cleaned her eating and drinking up that bit more……..


Started giving that bit extra in sessions……….




She lost over 20lbs in October and November.


And then over 20lbs again in December to January.


She had the test last week.


And she passed.


###### And, just as cool, will have got four month’s free membership out of it. if you like the sound of that ######


Great work from Debbie 🙂


But a great, quick reminder that ‘skin in the game’ is a huge aide to great results.


It’s the main reason we have the deposit for the 20lbs challenge – it makes a huge difference to the adherence to the programme.


But there are multiple ways to create the same incentive yourself.


A little wager with a friend.


Creating a clear incentive that you get for hitting a goal.


And sticking to it – no getting yourself it if you don’t hit the goal.


A new outfit, bit of tech, night out, etc when you hit a certain weight or other measurement.


A ‘reverse wager’ like you can do through where you end up giving your money to something you dislike if you don’t achieve your target.


Motivation is a limited resource at the best of times.


Anything you can put in place to extend that motivation will help no end 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘Reverse Wagger’ Hall and Matt ‘BMF’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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