Several years ago I remember reading an article about a fairly famous sportsman who’d just died.


In the article it explained that, several years earlier, he’d entered rehab.


And had, in an interview shortly after in which he fully discussed his addiction and recovery…………..


He’d included a phrase often used in rehab:


“Denial equals death”.


A couple of years later he was arrested for driving while under the influence.


And said in an interview “I don’t know how they’re going to make it stick, seeing as I don’t do drugs or drink” (or words to that affect – I can’t find the exact quote).


Another year or so later he was dead from a heart attack, aged 34.




Not all of our situations are a severe as drug addiction, of course.


And it doesn’t mean we “have a problem”.


But, admitting to ourselves that we find certain things somewhat problematic at least……..


Is a crucial first step.


If we don’t fully realise and accept when we find something problematic……..


We’re unlikely to do much about it.


We’re unlikely to try something different.


We’re unlikely to ask for help.


We’ll probably just keep trying to do the same things we’ve always done.


That may have worked, short term.


But probably not over a longer time frame.


We’ll probably just “try again”.


Hoping that we’ll find some more ‘willpower’ this time.


We all have things we find relatively easy.


And we all have things we struggle with.


We’re not excluding ourselves from that.


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Much love,


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