Imagine you’ve been a victim of a mugging.


A dude with a gun.


Afterwards the police ask you for a description.


If you’re anything like a good percentage of gun crime victims, you’ll be able to give a detailed description of the gun.


But you won’t have any idea what the perpetrator looked like.


Even if he had a beard or not.


Many negative emotions, such as fear, anger and disgust, have a narrowing affect on our focus.


How many times have you left a really bad meeting, got home or back to the office, and had zero recollection of the return journey?


And it’s the same with our food choices.


The negative emotions that a hard day at work (or home) can leave us with, can narrow our focus on food choices.


Are we likely to go for picking one of the 27 new recipes we’ve seen on Facebook or in our new cookbook…….


Collating all the ingredients and cooking it from scratch.


Or are we more likely to pick up a Chinese or a pizza on the way home?


It’s understandable.


Perfectly normal.




That’s why it makes sense to make these decisions before that difficult time.


If we’d prepped a few healthy meals at the weekend and had them in the fridge……….


Would we be more likely to go for that or go at least slightly out of our way to get something else………


When that focus has narrowed?


Don’t set yourself up for failure.


Don’t leave your decisions until the point that they’re often the hardest to make as you may like.


Make them earlier in the day or week when the focus is there!



Much love,


Jon ‘Can’t grow a good beard’ Hall and Matt ‘Mmmmm, Pizza’ Nicholson




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