I’m sure you will have all heard of Pokemon Go.


If not, it’s an ‘augmented reality’ game where you go out in the real environment looking for these Pokemon characters to capture.


There’s more to it than that, buts that’s the basic gist.


I play it with my kids.


They love it and I think it’s great.


Much better than games that involve you sitting in your room by yourself – you’re out and about with your mates, getting some exercise.


I find it interesting how dismissive many people are of it.


“You don’t play that, do you?” is a common response.


Often added by “Didn’t someone walk off a cliff playing it?”


Like that’s a reason to not play.


I don’t even know if it’s true.


But, if it is, it’s pretty irrelevant.


If you’re daft enough to walk off a cliff whilst staring at your phone, that’s just natural selection in action.


I am confident enough in my own ability to not walk off / into / infront of things because I have a phone on my hand.


The ‘walking of a cliff’ thing is, to my mind, a completely irrelevant justification for not doing something.


If someone doesn’t want to play Pokemon Go, they don’t have to.


But that’s not a real reason.


And it reminds me of the many justifications people use not to get in shape.


“I heard someone had a heart attack and died in a gym” I’ve heard many times over the years.




Many, many, many more people die from heart attacks having sex, watching TV or sleeping.


Don’t see anyone not doing those for that reason.


“I don’t want to look like a body builder”


You won’t unless you do body builder specific training and take steroids.


And, even then, it’ll take so long (several years minimum), that you’ll notice well before its too late.


Not doing healthy eating and exercising for weight loss, toning, health, etc as you don’t want to look like a bodybuilder makes no sense.


“I haven’t got time”


A lot of it doesn’t take any time.


Putting healthy stuff in your shopping basket and, then, mouth, takes no longer than with unhealthy stuff (check myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting if you like the sound of a way of eating that doesn’t take ages and doesn’t involve restriction and hunger).


And, if you watch TV, you have the time.


Plus, you get that time back on a longer life.


And in the quality of the time between now and then.


“I don’t have he energy”


You’ll have more from exercising and healthy eating.


Our guys have far more energy whilst training three times week than they had when they didn’t.




As always, we would never dream to tell people what to do.


How you spend your money, time, etc is your choice.


No right or wrong.




It’s human nature to give false justifications.


Our Psychological Immune System is very good at ‘protecting’ us like that.


And seeing through that can be be a huge first step 🙂
Much love,


Jon ‘Oddish’ Hall and Matt ‘Drowzee’ Nicholson




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Jon Hall

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